get test results?

We find the most efficient way of contacting patients with results is by text and request that every patient having tests done in the practice sign a form consenting to our texting service.

Patients will in general be contacted with results of their tests within a week of these results being received back to the clinic.

We advise patients to contact the clinic if they have not received their test results within 2 weeks of the test being done.

Do not be surprised if you are asked to attend the clinic to discuss results. Often it is easier to discuss results in person and agree a management plan than to discuss over the phone - do not assume a request to discuss results with the doctor or nurse means bad news.

We track all laboratory samples leaving the practice however from time to time some results may be lost or be delayed. Please follow up with us if you have not received your test results.

Please note it remains the patients responsibility to check all test results and to make an appointment for follow up consultations if advised to do so by text.

PDF icon consent to text form (consent_to_text_form.pdf | 132 kB)

Make an Appointment

Appointments can be made in person at reception or by phoning 045 838 496