get a sick/social welfare cert?

Work Notes
A sick note requires that the doctor certify that the patient is unwell - a consultation will therefore be required so that the doctor can assess you.
If the sick cert needs to be extended for a longer time than initially given you should contact reception - the doctor may need to contact you to discuss this further prior to issuing the cert and a further consultation may be required. 24 hours notice will be required prior to collection.
Social Welfare Certification
A first social welfare certificate will only be issued following consultation with the doctor and/or by providing correspondance from a hospital doctor (for example following a surgical procedure). In the case of hospital doctor correspondance exact dates are required. The form can not be completed without your PPS number so please have this to hand.
If you are unfit for work for longer than 7 days a continuation certificate will be issued.
Social Welfare certificates can be requested between 11am and 1pm or between 2pm and 4pm daily and require 24 hours notice prior to collection.

Make an Appointment

Appointments can be made in person at reception or by phoning 045 838 496